Home educated students are thriving.  

They have passion, integrity, mental dexterity, and academic courage.  

They have the self-knowledge that they can learn anything.





          Families need a less expensive option than private school for higher quality education.  At Whimselthwaite, we offer an all-inclusive educational product at 65% of the cost of our competitors.  Find out more by scheduling a Parent Interview at no cost to you.


stand out

          A quality home education is not feasible for most families, yet it is often the best option for a child.  Home education is more efficient, more liberating, more understanding, more loving, and more natural than traditional public or private options.  Home educated students are thriving across the nation.  Colleges look at their applications attentively, and even reserve spots for them, not only because they are predictably exceptional students, but because they fare better once in college.  They graduate college at a higher rate than other students. They enter college as creative, kind, socially cognizant adults, who are mentally and emotionally prepared for challenges.


change the world

          More children need this education.  Sometimes, however, parents aren’t able to teach their own children themselves, at least not full-time.  Sometimes, the child is rebellious towards his parents, but will respond favorably to a tutor.  Micro-schools, taught by governesses who teach a few extra students alongside their own, bring the opportunity of home education to students who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance.  Whimselthwaite involves its students in giving high quality education to other children in the community through a program called The Philosophy Guild.  Meeting on a monthly basis, Whimselthwaite School presents a seminar-style discussion of classical literature for other local students in their age range.  Full tuition, supplies, and refreshments for public students will be donated by Whimselthwaite School.  Our students contribute themselves by coming prepared with the reading, and helping to lead the discussion.  Philosophy Guild gives students a chance to participate in Socratic dialogue, strengthens reading skills, encourages questions, teaches them to think critically about a text, develops their reasoning skills, and emboldens their confidence.


More flexible

          Since the schedule is flexible, it accommodates families who don’t fit the mold, such as the family who may spend months at a time traveling for work, or the divorced family living in two places, or the family who wants the freedom to take time off together, or the family who just doesn’t do mornings.     


More liberating

          Some children struggle with traditional public and private schools because they don’t fit the mold.  Perhaps they don’t learn best at a desk.  Perhaps they are the victim of bullying, or are simply distracted by the social circus of school.  Sometimes a child needs to escape a negative social scene for a while.  Maybe a student is particularly talented in one area, and wants to devote more time to it, like the gymnast who could achieve their dreams if only they didn’t have so many math worksheets, or the musician who wants to learn three instruments but doesn’t care much for memorizing state capitals. 

         What does your child want to become?  

         Whimselthwaite School is individualistic; it can customize education to the particular enthusiasms and needs of each student. 



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“Let early education be a sort of amusement”
— Plato