A home campus...at home



       Learning is powerful in a home setting because we can enlarge our focus to teaching the whole child.  Children have minds to be cultivated, but also bodies, and characters, and dreams.  They might need to wander into the kitchen for some carrot sticks while they're trying to crack a challenging math problem.  They might need to take their book into the backyard, just because it's lovely outside, and hammocks are good for daydreaming.  They might need to act on a sudden creative idea, one which requires a hammer, or a match, or a bathtub.  Whimselthwaite isn't a facility.  It's a home.  Equations are important, but so is knowing how to run a washing machine, fix your own salad, set up a network, read for enjoyment, or apologize after hurting someone's feelings.  Anyone can be college-prep or career-ready.  That's not our goal.  Happiness is more important than success.  We teach the whole child, because we're preparing for life.  



      Whimselthwaite School is located in Prineville, Oregon in the private home of a governess.  We learn everywhere, from the schoolroom to the cascade lakes.  We are in the library, in a cave, in the kitchen, or by the river.  Central Oregon is a magical place with a wonderful community and we are engaged in both.  


Sister home-campuses

      Our vision is to develop sister home-campuses with their own respective governesses, creating a network of collaborative micro-schools.  

“The real and proper question is: why is it beautiful?”
— Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek